If your plans don’t include mobile,
your plans aren’t complete.

Mobile Application

No need to look further, we at Justweb can develop a user-friendly
Mobile Application that will enhance the growth of your company.


More companies are in smartphone business than before, producing high and low-end smartphone running Android. The platform can do almost if not all blackberry phone can do. some of the devices feature dual-core processor. It mean that we can connect your business to customers anywhere and we can connect your office data with your staff on the move.


We can connect your business with the customer seemlessly using the same tool they use for phone call, chat and facebook which also allow your staff to monitor them via the same platform. Pinging only on Blackberry is not enough. Though we are aware that many company have their company mail on blackberry phone which allow them to keep in touch.

Windows Phones

We can provide easy and fast way of communication within and outside your company through our mobile application. Go wherever you want, your mobile phone will stay connected with all your staff members and colleagues at work. Just send instant messages and it will reach the end-users in time.

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